It’s happening right here in Pennington Gap, Virginia. This classic small American town founded in 1890 has a rich and storied history ?and it’s home to Kavanaugh CallCenter Group (“KCG?.
Our business was founded in 2005, by the Kavanaugh family. The Kavanaugh's have a combined 60+ years experience in large scale call centers serving financial services, hospitality, retail and other service businesses. As you might imagine, The Kavanaugh's could have located their chosen new business anywhere in the USA, or even off-shore, a commonplace strategy for many in our business today. Instead, they wanted to achieve their vision for customer service by tapping into small town values while giving back to the community upon which they rely.

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Bringing the virtues of Main Street to serve people everywhere. It’s the personal, passionate, highly attentive service expected by most all of us and certainly desired by our clients and their customers.
Deploying modern day, “big city?technology and world class processes to ensure every customer interaction is effective, efficient and truly satisfying from the customer’s point of view.
Providing all the needed resources to get the job done economically without having to make trade-offs or sacrifices many clients are faced with today.
Finding talented people to make them into the best they can be. Whether they are call center representatives, team leaders, quality assurance specialists, managers, trainers, etc., we create an environment where our people can simply become the flat out best person they can be.
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